Monitor Calibration Check
check you can see all 16 greyscales evenly, click image for gamma test

February 18, 2010


I’m experimenting with 3D images! Click on the images to get a larger version… Instructions below. Keep watching - more to come!


The Rosette Nebula is a beautiful nebula in Monoceros


The Trifid Nebula (M20) in Sagittarius is a beautiful object consisting of a conspicuous emission nebula and a remarkable reflection nebula component. M20 is a young star forming region (300,000 years old) about 30 light years across and is illuminated by a supergiant star at the center of its trilobed emission cloud. Approx 5500 light years away.

- CROSS VISION INSTRUCTIONS: - In cross eye ┬ástereo viewing the image for the left eye is on the right and the image for the right eye is on the left. You stare at a point about 1/2 way to the screen so that your eye’s gaze is crossing at the half way point. Thus the left eye sees the correct image which is on the right. As you cross your eyes the image will go double. When your eyes are crossed the correct amount the middle images will overlap and be in 3d. The two outer images will remain and will be in 2d.

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