Monitor Calibration Check
check you can see all 16 greyscales evenly, click image for gamma test

April 30, 2010

Tempus fugits along… Rather than getting new stuff on to here, and tidying up the existing content, work has kept me mega busy! Mustn’t complain but the plans to get the blog indexed have fallen behind. Still, I’ve transferred it to a new Linux server, sorted DNS etc…. So behind the scenes some progress has occurred! Meantime the local Ospreys are doing well (please take a look!)
More soon!

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March 18, 2010

Phew - where does the time go? Can’t believe the last post (no, put that bugle down…) was 4 weeks ago!

Lots has happened though. I have lots of images to finish processing, then they will be here or in BallaterSkies gallery! I’ve just about sorted out automating the stereo image maker - so more of those to come too!

Still - at least Spring seems to be here after a long and very snowy winter. I hope that’s not speaking too soon!
The Peewits, Curlews and Oystercatchers are squeaking away in the fields behind the observatory which always brings a smile!

Oh - and of course, some good clear evenings - just when the moon is full… grrr….

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February 17, 2010

Second post!

Well.. We spent 2 weeks with temperatures down to -13C, and 45cm of snow… Not good for astronomy! But today we hit +15C and it feels spring like. Now all we need is a clear sky and for me to catch up on the blog entries I have in mind!

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February 5, 2010

Hello world!

Well… here’s the first entry in BallaterSkies Extreme Astronomy blog… Can you stand the wait for more?

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